HH Richardson – The Tables

The finished tables are here, and yes, they were delivered on time, arriving by white glove delivery service on the morning of the 24th of November.  Elliptical table statehouse library


And the round table came out just as well.

Round table statehouse

The oval table was carved on the bottom posts, and everything about them was mahogany.  It’s difficult to get good, matching mahogany, but thanks to some good sources we picked up matching boards 3 inches thick from which we made everything.  Below are the original table leg carvings.  I think the new ones are equal to or better than the originals.  Richardson table legs


And the original – yes, I think it was designed by Richardson.  The way it was put together and the way the top fits the base remind me of the way he did some church furniture the is directly attributable to him.  But we’ll never know for certain, unless the statehouse archives has some of the original records…

I would love to hear some of your stories about old furniture that is meaningful to you.   Contact me if you are interested in these sorts of projects or if you want to talk about commissioning some furniture for your home or office.

-Richard Oedel, Fine Furniture Master