The Ultimate in Bog Oak trees

Earlier in the week we heard about the woman who discovered a 10,000 year old forest – underwater – about 300 yards off the north Norfolk coast of England.  10,000 year old oak trees on the bottom of the seaShe was out for a morning dive and came across the trees lying in 20 feet of water, probably uncovered in a big storm the year before.  While I have seen a lot of bog oak, and worked with it only once, I would love the opportunity to work with one of these pieces to create some drop-dead furniture. John Makepeace Bog Oak Table I realize it is not BOG oak in the true sense of the word, but submerged, preserved oak should be just as interesting.  This is a bog oak piece by my friend John Makepeace in Dorset.

So now I have to figure out how to salvage a piece, how to get it to the US, and then how to dry it so that I can use it correctly.  Or maybe just go the Norfolk countryside and work on a piece there for a few weeks.


If you want to work with me on making this idea a reality, contact me and we can work up a plan.

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    1. Really not sure at this point. Should get the results of these in a couple of years, after they come out and are carefully relieved of some of their moisture content!

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