A New Insight into Design

While I was putting together my new website I realized that while I work hard every day to make wonderful, exciting furniture, the time spent on design and design related research is far less than I would like.  This was apparent this summer, with a trip to New York, where I visited the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in their two story place on 5th Avenue.  Different artists, different takes on basic design challenges all made me think about my design exposure, and left me interested in spending more of my time experimenting in different materials and thinking about my own work in a different way.

So where are the boundaries of contemporary design being stretched and pushed?  Amsterdam.  Eindhoven. Antwerp. Utrecht.

Sure – maybe a few places in the states as well, but the really exciting stuff is in the Netherlands. Like this chair from Martin Baas.

Martin Baas Chair

So it is off to Dutch Design Week for a bit of exposure to something completely different.  Over 300 exhibits, studios, and talks about design, making, and the tradeoffs.  And a good bit of wandering around to get the flavor of their design process and aesthetic.

And then to come back with a sense of what others are looking at, where the future of design is headed, and with some new friends to collaborate with.

If you want to be part of this conversation when I return, let me know and I’ll include you.





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